American Red Cross of Mid-South

The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

Harsheen Gill: New American Red Cross Volunteer

Harsheen Gill 180x214Harsheen Gill was inspired when her classmate, Red Cross Volunteer Lauren Terranova, shared her experiences as a member of a Mid-South Red Cross Disaster Action Team (DAT). She was sufficiently inspired that soon she was at the Mid-South Red Cross, taking the introductory course to become a Red Cross volunteer herself. Gill has now been with the Red Cross for all of two months and is looking forward to trying everything. “I want to be on a DAT team, and learn to drive the emergency vehicles, and I would like to deploy,” said Gill.

Gill is not only a newcomer to the Red Cross, she is also a newcomer to the United States. One year ago she left her family and friends in India and came to Memphis to meet her soon to be husband. It was an arranged marriage that her mother engineered. “It has worked out great,” noted Gill. “I think arranged marriages are much better than love marriages. When you enter an arranged marriage one knows that compromise will be required.”

The Red Cross is not the first volunteer experience for Gill. In India she did volunteer work with very poor children, “children whose parents had basically given up on,” she noted.

Gill earned an M.B.A. degree in India, and she is currently enrolled at the University of Memphis in a second M.B.A. degree program. She has a background in finance and is interested in gaining more experience in Marketing. She hopes to find a career in the corporate world.

“Since I’ve come here my life has been quite an experience,” concluded Gill.

Profile posted May 22, 2013

Story and Photo Credit: Robert W. Wallace/American Red Cross


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