American Red Cross of Mid-South

The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

DampRid® Moisture Absorber Donated for Red Cross Disaster Clean-Up Kits

DSC_0983A continual high level of moisture in one’s home is often a major problem hindering recovery from foods, fires, and other disasters. Now, thanks to the generous donation from W. M. Barr, an employee owned Memphis, Tennessee based home and industrial products company, there will be an item in Red Cross disaster-recovery kits to help deal with this problem.

The company is donating over 150,000 units of DampRid®, a moisture absorbing product, to the Southeastern Region of the American Red Cross. The initiative began with the transfer of DampRid® to the Mid-South Chapter in Memphis in late February.


Enrique Jauregui, Director of Operations for DampRid®, describes properties of the moisture absorbing product to Laura Vaughn and Gail Milnor from the Mid-South Red Cross. Jay McKinney, Brand Manager for Household Products, and Bill Ward, Senior Vice-President, Operations at W. H. Barr stand to the left and right respectively of Jauregui.

All-natural DampRid® absorbs excess moisture from indoor air—helping to lower humidity levels, eliminate musty, stale odors, and prevent damage to homes and possessions.

“DampRid® is the cure for moisture problems and fits perfectly with the needs of people who are recovering from disaster and with whom the Red Cross assist on a daily basis,” said Jay McKinney, Brand Manager for Household Products at W. M. Barr. “We are delighted that we can help put peoples houses and lives back together after disaster strikes.”

The DampRid® product is currently being distributed throughout the Southeast Region of the American Red Cross, which includes Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico.


Jay McKinney of W. H. Barr transfers the first of what are to be many cases of donated DampRid® to Red Cross volunteer Paul Nolte.

“W. M. Barr’s product is truly enhancing our disaster recovery kits, and we’re certain it will make a major difference in helping people restore their homes and businesses after water damage from a natural disaster or home fire,” added Laura Vaughn, Executive Director of the Mid-South Chapter of the Red Cross.

“We are proud to be partnering with the Red Cross,” concluded McKinney. “We look forward to finding more ways that our company and the products we make can make a difference in helping the many communities we serve.”

To learn more about DampRid®   moisture absorber products go to


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